Sheilas: 28 Years On

  • 1976 film crew from Sheilas 28 Years On
  • Hippy days from Sheilas 28 Years On
  • Pro choice rally from Sheilas 28 Years On
  • Germaine Greer in Sheilas 28 Years On

About This Project

Following a 7-Up formula, Sheilas: 28 Years On charts the history of second-wave feminism in New Zealand, based around a number of women who appeared in the 1976 documentary Women. Produced at the radical height of the women’s movement, Women was a unflinching look at the feminist issues of the day: including violence against women, sexuality, employment, media and indigenous issues.


The women include Donna Awatere-Huata, Miriam Cameron, Sandi Hall, Merata Mita, Aloma Parker and Marcia Russell who tell stories of their activism and of their lives, and reflect on the role of women in today’s society.


“Annie Goldson and Dawn Hutchesson’s documentary revisits the five women’s lives, ostensibly to track social change but probably just as much because they are so entertaining – stroppy, sassy women then, they’re no less engaging today.”

– Shonagh Lindsay, NZ Herald


Dawn Hutchesson


Annie Goldson & Dawn Hutchesson


Maire Gunn


Tim Woodhouse




Winner, Best Doc, Commonwealth Film Festival 2005


Young at Heart Film Festival 2006

Sydney Commonwealth Film Festival 2005

Women in Film & TV International Festival 2005

DOCNZ 2004

New Zealand International Film Festival 2004

Melbourne International Film Festival 2004