Elgar’s Enigma

  • WW1 cemeteries in France from the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Manuscript from the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Kenneth Munro from the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Photo of piano from the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Reenactment of Edward Elgar in the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Reenactment of Helen Weaver in the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Duet reenactment of Helen Weaver and Edward Elgar in the film Elgar's Enigma
  • Lynn Harrell performing in the film Elgar's Enigma

About This Project

Near the end of his life, the renowned English composer Edward Elgar composed some of the greatest music of his career. Elgar’s Enigma examines the idea that Elgar’s deeply emotional Cello Concerto in Em was provoked by memories of his first great love, Helen Weaver, who emigrated to New Zealand after their relationship ended. After receiving word that Weaver’s son had been killed fighting in France, Elgar was moved to write a war requiem. The film mixes interviews, dramatisations, and a performance of the concerto by cellist Lynn Harrell and the NZSO.


Due to demand, we have produced an “extra” — a complete recording of the full concert, performed by Lynn Harrell and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthias Bamert.



Producer & Director

Annie Goldson


Peter Walls


Annie Goldson

Director of Photography

Simon Raby


Tim Woodhouse


Matthias Bamert


Lynn Harrell & the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Art Director

Briar March


Lyn Collie


Erica March, Nicola Drake, John Anderson & Andrew Cochrane


Finalist, Best Festival Documentary - Qantas Television Awards 2006
Finalist, Best Camera - Qantas Television Awards 2006


World Cinema Showcase
Film and History Association Conference, Melbourne
EIDC Documentary Festival
International Television Festival, Golden Prague
International Film Festival on Water
Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival