Pacific Solution

  • Afghan boy on a bus from the film Pacific Solution
  • Kabul from the film Pacific Solution
  • On the road in Afghanistan from the film Pacific Solution
  • Afghan families in New Zealand from the film Pacific Solution

About This Project

Pacific Solution looks at the daily lives of a number of young Afghan refugees who New Zealand gave sanctuary after the ship they were aboard became mired in controversy. Along with hundreds of others, mostly Afghans and Iraqis, the boys faced certain drowning when the leaky “people-smuggling” boat they were on began to sink.


The refugees were rescued by the heroic Arne Rinna, Captain of the Norwegian cargo ship, the MV Tampa. Australia, under PM John Howard, refused to let the Tampa to land so that the refugees could have their cases for asylum heard. New Zealand agreed to take the “unaccompanied minors”, teenage boys – they were housed, educated, given residency and were allowed to bring their families to settle. Pacific Solution follows their story and through the prism of their experience, examines the refugee crisis that is facing the world.




Annie Goldson

Director & Director of Photography

James Frankham


Christine Munro




Finalist, Best Director - Air New Zealand Screen Awards 2007

Honourable Mention - Media Peace Awards 2006

Special Judge's Mention - DOCNZ 2005

Four awards -- Grand Prix, Spirit, Special Jury & Audience Awards - EIDF International Film Festival



EIDF International Documentary Festival

1001 Documentary Film Festival

FIFO 2007

International Film Festival on Water

Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival