House of Champions

  • Carla Van Deventer, Jonathan Read, Celeste Osterman
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  • Celeste Van Deventer
  • Jonathan Read and Fiona
  • Celeste Osterman
  • House of Champions

About This Project

In small town New Zealand, three adult flatmates have their sights firmly set on achieving Special Olympics gold. Can they beat the odds or will life get in the way?


Butterfly swimmer Celeste wants to marry her boyfriend Peter (aka “Moyzee”). She wants a medal as well, but perhaps not enough to take training too seriously. Speed walker Jono wants a job and believes the government needs to make changes to help him get one. Jono’s training is all about staying in the right lane. His flatmates have trouble keeping him on the straight and narrow too. Special Olympic swimming veteran Carla is boss. She’s serious about her training, but not enough to give up hot chips. Getting the flatmates trained and Olympic ready is their personal trainer, Fiona. Her boundless good humour and warm heart are as integral to the training regime as her skill as a coach.


As we watch to see if Celeste, Jono and Carla have what it takes to reach the podium, we learn about their hopes, their dreams and what drives them crazy. We also learn what we miss if we don’t really see them: their beauty, their abilities and their uniqueness. House of Champions celebrates the differences amongst us and everything we share.


House of Champions is produced by Bella Pacific Media, presented by Amy Street and executive produced by Annie Goldson of Occasional Productions.


Executive Producer

Annie Goldson


Kirsty Griffin & Viv Kernick, Marg Slater

Directors & Writers

Kirsty Griffin, Viv Kernick

Director of Photography

Kirsty Griffin


Prisca Bouchet


Lawrence Arabia

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Funded by

NZ on Air, Three